Maddox Lane & O.M.G Overnight Oats “Oats & Bowls”


Each day starts with gluten free O.M.G. Overnight Oats to start your day nutritionally balanced. You will be provided with Maddox Lane bowl option for your lunch OR dinner meal. It’s up to you to decide when to have your oats and when to have your bowl. All we ask is that you eat dinner before 8pm and drink 75 ounces of water minimum per day. You have the option of adding on a jar of organic Irish Sea Moss to further support this anti-inflammatory program (ask us for additional info on this if needed).  

Each four day program starts on a Tuesday (because YOU can commit to Tuesday through Friday). We deliver your foods on Monday evening and provide you with oats & bowls for Tuesday through Friday. 

***Due to our outside partnership with OMG Overnight Oats, we are unable to apply discounts to this package deal. Please email direct to set up this package order using discount code on the bowl portion only (we cannot apply discount code to the oats portion of the order)***

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Sample Menu

Day # 1 Day #2 Day #3 Day #4
O.M.G. Strawberry Sunday Oats (500 calories) O.M.G. Vanilla Cold Brew Cacao Overnight Oats (532 calories) O.M.G. Strawberry Sunday Oats (530 calories) O.M.G. Peaches and Cream Oats (544 calories)
 Southwest Salad Bowl (500 calories) Lemon Pepper Salmon Bowl (500 calories)  Vegan Stuffed Pepper Bowl (490 calories)   Bang Bang Bowl(450 calories)