DR. BROWN’S BOWL: Oven “Fried” Chicken, Plant Based Mac & Cheese & Steamed Broccoli


We love our collaboration with Dr. Rick Brown & InBe Wellness, because his philosophy around food is so similar to ours…he doesn’t believe in deprivation and understands that to make a wellness based lifestyle work long-term, we need BALANCE. This is a Dr. Brown taste tested and APPROVED bowl that we will be featuring for the next month, our spin on a fried chicken dinner, but make it healthy”ish”…

“Fried” Chicken with herbed seasonings served with steamed broccoli and our plant-based homemade Mac and “Cheese” (all veggies with cashew blended in) sauce. We’re using organic pasta and organic chicken on this one as well.

Contains: Gluten & Cashew

Does NOT contain: Dairy or anything fake or processed