Private Chef, Retreats & Wellness Events

Private Chef

If you’re looking for a more inclusive experience, private chef services are available. We come into your home or event space and create an experience based on your vision. We offer a range of private chef services from intimate dinner parties to weekly meal prep in your home.

Dinner parties start at $75-$100/person. 
Meal prep rates start at $65/hour plus cost of food. 
Email for custom quote. 

Retreats & Wellness Events

If you’re seeking a private chef for your retreat or wellness events, Amber has several years of experience cooking for retreat groups from as little as 5 to as many as 25 attendees, from day retreats to week long retreats. Our goal at Maddox Lane is to work with brands in the retreat space to elevate & make their events next level. Your attendees will see the value added from our exclusive food program and leave with an incredible and nourishing food experience. Of course, we specialize in plant-based, “Blue Zone”, and Mediterranean diet programs for retreats, but will work with you to create a menu based on your event goals. We can even work in cooking demos and lessons on Mediterranean diet principles.

Day rates start at $500 
Email for custom quote.