Weekly Meal Delivery

Ordering with Maddox Lane is fun and simple. Each week, we unveil a new set of delicious meals for you to choose from for the upcoming week. The ordering window closes each Friday at midnight. Simply peruse the menu and add your selections into the cart (minimum of 3 meals per order). We then cook your meals from scratch on Monday and they are in your hands for the remainder of that week to enjoy! Rinse and repeat the next week. We guarantee you’ll order again and again.

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Monday, August 2nd
Orders will be accepted until 12:00am MST on Friday, July 30th

Available in the greater Phoenix/Scottsdale area only. Click here to learn more.

Delivery Info

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There is minimum of 3 meals per order. Please make additional selections. (Does not apply to reNew Year)

About Maddox Lane Meals

  • We are influenced by the Mediterranean diet principles and only cook with extra virgin olive oil & we make all dressings and marinades with extra virgin olive oil.
  • We use organic and local heirloom grains, organic beans that we pressure cook to remove anti-nutrients and improve digestibility, and source organic greens.
  • Our bowl options have been carefully designed to provide you with a balance of whole foods ingredients with clean protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, fiber, and an emphasis on plant-forward ingredients.
  • We use organic poultry, Verlasso Salmon and wild-caught shrimp.
  • We follow the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen” Guide when it comes to utilizing organic ingredients and defer to organic ingredients first.
  • We source locally as much as possible and are working to create community relationships with our food suppliers such as Steadfast Farms, Hayden Mill, Seka Hills Olive Oil, Siete Foods, and Penzey’s Spices (if you know/love a local food supplier or farmer, feel free to connect us).
  • We are here to support you. Reach out if we can make your ordering experience better or if you need accommodations on allergies, options, or food delivery. Contact us at: info@themaddoxlane.com or call: 602-920-1855 (Amber)

Other notes:

  • Meal options rotate weekly and we’re always adding new recipes
  • Meals last throughout the week or when you’re most hungry, whichever comes first.
  • We specify when options can be made vegan or chicken, shrimp or salmon can be added. You are welcome to leave us an order note and request an option as well.
  • Keep your meals refrigerated until you’re ready to eat. Follow the reheat instructions provided on your delivery sheet, and enjoy.

Delivery & Pickup Options

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Home Delivery

Home deliveries take place on Monday evenings. You will receive a text when we are on the way.

Please include any delivery notes when you order. Food will need to be refrigerated promptly. Email us to add your zip code if you do not see it listed. Maddox Lane is not responsible if no delivery notes are made/communicated prior to the delivery date and there are issues with food being left out.

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