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Current Meal Options

Maddox Lane has collaborated with Coach Kelly Mo, Master Trainer with Golfer’s Performance Studio to provide nutritionally complete and ingredient intentional delivered meal options to support your training & well-being. These chef created/master trainer approved meals are perfect for the client who understands that food is medicine, ingredients matter, and a healthy diet is key to optimal living.

About Our Meals

About the Coach Kelly Mo, Golfer’s Performance Studio & Maddox Lane food options…. 

  • Each option has been designed to provide you with a balance of whole foods ingredients with clean protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, fiber, and an emphasis on plant-forward ingredients.
  • Maddox Lane uses organic animal proteins and wild caught (or responsibly, sustainably farmed when needed) seafood.
  • Maddox Lane follows the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen” Guide when it comes to utilizing organic ingredients.
  • Maddox Lane sources locally as much as possible and works to create community relationships with our local food suppliers 
  • Maddox Lane is “ingredient intentional” meaning every ingredient from our extra virgin olive oil sourced from Seka Hills, CA to our pure sea salt has been selected to enhance both health benefit and flavor. 
  • Maddox Lane is committed to the highest integrity of food flavor & quality and Coach Kelly Mo can vouch for this.
  • Maddox Lane & Coach Kelly Mo share a similar philosophy and we are both here to support you in reaching your wellness goals. Email: if you have additional questions, need special accommodations on allergies or options, or have questions on food pickup.

Delivery & Pickup Options

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Home Delivery

Home deliveries take place on Monday evenings. You will receive a text when we are on the way.

Please include any delivery notes when you order. Food will need to be refrigerated promptly. Email us to add your zip code if you do not see it listed. Maddox Lane is not responsible if no delivery notes are made/communicated prior to the delivery date and there are issues with food being left out.

Available Zip Codes

Pickup Options

Pick up is currently available at the following locations:

Golfer’s Performance Studio
366oo N. Pima Rd.
Suite 406
Carefree, AZ 85377
TUESDAYS between 11am-2pm