Maddox Lane represents my roots, a literal and figurative location, a place where food is love. I was fortunate and grew up understanding the value of farm to table. My family grew and raised our food on a humble Kentucky farm. We had a strawberry patch, hay fields, bottle-fed calves, and chased pigs around the yard a few hundred times. Us kids were frequently locked out of the house and given a 5-gallon bucket, during the midst of the Kentucky high-humidity and high-heat harvest season, and the ticket to get into air-conditioning was that same bucket, full of produce. Living this lifestyle is where a strong work ethic and appreciation for food came from. 

Our mom showed love through many talents, one of them being cooking. As a family we shared our day around the supper table. Mom had a passion for food, but never took cooking too seriously and that is the same philosophy I carry in my own kitchen. I strongly believe the energy that you cook with infuses your food. When my mom was diagnosed with inoperable, stage 4 brain cancer at 38 years old, I was given a jarring look into conventional medicine and our broken healthcare system. That experience has forever impacted my lifestyle and my belief system around food and wellness.

When I was getting my business degree, I certainly never thought I would spend as many days in the kitchen as I do now. It was during my time in Los Angeles working under a nutritionist and overseeing her business operations, that I knew food would be a bigger part of my path. Together, we created a wildly popular delivery program, a plant-based cleanse. I poured my heart into creating that program and the learning experience gave me the experience and courage I needed to create Maddox Lane.

Over time, my passion grew beyond simply running a business. I dreamt of a way to nourish others with food that is both intentional and delicious. Maddox Lane blends the “new age, Californian” style with my “Kentucky-inspired mom” roots to build a style of eating that focuses on quality, taste, fun, intentionality, well-being and, ALWAYS love.

Maddox Lane offers a balanced and sustainable approach to food, prepared in a way that supports your longevity. With life as hectic as it is today, we need a food lifestyle designed for sustainability. I’ve studied “Blue Zone” lifestyle principles, we strongly emphasize the core principles of The Mediterranean Diet and offer flexible Plant-Based Diet meals to our customers.

At Maddox Lane, we don’t believe in deprivation, rigidity and restrictions around food. We love you, no matter what you eat. Let’s connect, reach out to me via email amber@themaddoxlane.com.




  • Weekly food delivery program inspired by the Mediterranean Diet (with vegan options available).
  • Customized anti-inflammatory protocol, created upon request, in collaboration with Dr. Fabio Almeida and his Fasting Mimicking Protocol.
  • In-home Private Chef services
  • Plant-based and “Blue Zone” and Mediterranean diet based cooking classes…I love sharing my enthusiasm for eating this way! 
  • Food Styling – I am certified by the International Culinary Institute in NYC and worked in Los Angeles as a freelance food stylist for natural, organic, and plant-based brands (portfolio upon request). 
  • Maddox Lane works with food, wellness, and nutrition brands to elevate their images and style food shots for digital content.

Our services are perfect for:

  • Foodies and food lovers who want to indulge in the ultimate self care. 
  • Event planners creating wellness events and want top notch, high end professionals to cater health conscious food.
  • Busy families, high level professionals, athletes in training/recovery, and any one who understands the importance of nourishing their bodies will benefit from Maddox Lane food.
  • Corporate wellness managers and high performing executive teams who want to bring in a corporate food program that will support their employees wellness and productivity.
  • Nutritionists and wellness coaches/trainers who need a partnership with an expert to bring their clients the best food program options.

We’d love to discuss more with you! Email info@themaddoxlane.com to get started.